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We are experts to engage student in online Quran learning
we are experts to deliver to authentic Islamic Knowledge.
We offer structured courses and our special experts who deliver knowledge through workshops.

Our Mission.

Deliver a true understanding of Quran and Sunnah.
Our courses are specially designed to enable student to understand intimate relationship with Allah. To find inner peace and good character and become an excellent member of society.


The Equranexperts is established online Quran School with aim to teach Quran with tajweed to kids and adults in one to one online classes with experts teachers. We have male and female expert’s teachers for your kids. Who can teach in Urdu English and in French Language. It’s a great opportunity for the all Muslim to learn Quran at home at his most convenient time. We are very careful about our material and make sure it comes from reliable sources and has been proof by Muslims scholar. We have taken all necessary measure to make sure the all content on this website is error free in the event that you still find any mistake In the Arabic text or in any translations, however we request you to kindly report immediately. So that we can rectify as soon as possible.

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Making Quran learning easy for every Muslim.


Quran in every home and heart.

What Services Do We offer?

  • We provide distant online courses services for the people to make learning Quran easier for them.
  • These are free online courses which further help you to learn the Quran with a better understanding that will stay forever in your mind.
  • We also offer you our extensive syllabus system of Islamic studies in the form of online college courses. So now, students can finally get all the advantages of our free online college courses to earn better marks in their semesters.
  • We have managed to provide you with the best and convenient online classes along with unique learning tools that will help you in teaching every course
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